Bushing acts as bearings at suspension fulcrum points and offer insulation for noise vibration and harshness. It allows for movement of the component, while maintaining its alignment.

Rubber bushes isolate noise and harshness and dampen unwanted vibrations. Rubber boned bushes can be used to mount steering rack the vehicles frame.The Rubber absorbs small impacts from the suspension action without transmitting them to the vehicles.


Bushes are submitted to tremendous loading and have a significant effect on the handling of a vehicle, therefore it is vital spare parts that quality must be priory concerned.

For replacement of suspension bushings on Japanese and Korean cars, Samyong Co., Ltd offers a wide range of bushings. ARIRANG bushings are manufactured using the best materials and meticulous tolerances, ensuring that all ARIRANG bushings are up to OE standards - or even better.

Our bushings made with the finest natural rubber or synthetic elastomers provide flexible solutions to the noise, vibration, shock, and misalignment problems inherent in most mechanical designs.