CEO Message

CEO Message -Dear Customers,
Thank you for visitting our web-site
Since its founding in 1989, SAMYONG Co.,Ltd has focused on manufacturing quality aftermarket automotive parts and has enjoyed the continued patronage of customers in Korea as well as abroad.
Our goal is to create and maintain a corporate culture in which all employees have the opportunity to use their unique abilities to maximum effect. We are serious about our corporate social responsibility and consider energy conservation, the environment and effective resource utilization in all phases of our production processes.
To achieve these goals, SAMYONG Co.,Ltd is continuously committed to product development and cost reduction through continual improvement activities involving all of our employees as well as through optimizing on-site production practices.
SAMYONG Co.,Ltd intends to make concerted efforts to enhance our manufacturing techniques to meet the increasingly diverse and complex needs of the market, to continuously exceed the expectations of our customers, and to contribute to the component industry and to society as a whole.
We at SAMYONG Co.,Ltd, promise to do our best to strengthen our competitiveness in this time of fast-changing international environment and to bring our customers utmost satisfaction and trust.