Our company is the one stop destination for the purchase of optimum quality Pistons. Made from special aluminum are used for sealing the gap between a piston and the cylinder wall. We offer a wide range of cylinder pistons that are made using high quality aluminum die casting.
The applications of our unique fine-grain structure composite with excellent mechanical properties enables SKR Engine to attain a perfect balance of weight and strength in all our pistons. Such qualities are imperative to sustain high inertia, thermal load and intense pressure as demanded by today's high engine performance requirements.

SKR Engine pistons are produced, tested and inspected in state-of-the-art plants to bring the aftermarket the highest quality standards. These innovative pistons are designed to help lower fuel consumption and emissions, by coping with the exceptionally tough conditions of the modern combustion chamber.

Pistons have better efficiency and are available in various shapes and sizes. Based on that, we have gained the clients’ acknowledgment and statured on top.



It helps in sealing of combustion or expansion chamber
It supports heat transfer from the piston to the cylinder wall
It regulates engine oil consumption

Our pistons are tested, measured and inspected at facilities that house advanced engine test rigs, modern gauging and both mechanical and hydraulic testing equipment.